Impressive with the way project site engineer C0-operation and help in all stages of construction.
Completion of work an stipulated time period is appreciative. Would have been excellent and more satisfied if, at some places the quality of materials used were better. The help & guidance by Mr.Purushotham, lead project engineer is appreciative.
The Customer support team headed by Mr.Krishna Prasad had done good job with patience and communicated the proceedings properly.
Dr.Satya Prasad.V

Silver Oak Villas,
Villa No:107.
Satisfaction with amenities and roads, But the construction Quality is very bad and water curing is Bad.
S.Hanumanthu & S.Navaneetha

Villa No:129, Silver Oak Villas phase- III.
The project is developed as promised.
Staff are highly professional.
Overall satisfying experience.
MVSR Ravikanth

Villa No:79,Silver Oak Villas.


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