"Booking a flat and possessing a house is rather an easy process with Modi Ventures. I had a good experience starting from the site visit to ultimate by receiving the flat in my name. All comments and suggestions were heard and executed in a satisfactory manner. "

Mrs. Janani Kalyani.V
Flat no: G-120, Gulmohar Gardens

"We are satisfied with the service but only 80% satisfied with quality. We faced the delay regarding things like QC issues. The site manager's response is less appealing but the follow up by office managers is good. Elevation of building is not so appealing. Overall experience is good with Modi Ventures."

Mr. Ashok Kumar.G
Flat no: G-121, Gulmohar Gardens.

"I am also very thankful to your management in dealing with the customers. All documentation works, Bank & Registration hardly we spent 3 hours. We are very thankful to CR Manager Mr Ram Babu for his total documentation and co-operation to clear the work also in site your staff is very co-operation."

Mr. Anand Mohan
Flat No: 502, Gulmohar Gardens.Â

"The best thing I liked was the transparency in rates, the provision to be provided in the flats etc.The customer relations personnal were accommodative and try to put the customers at ease. Even the site personal is will behaved and well mannered and tends to listen the customers complaints. However I would like to make some suggestions regarding the provisions in the flat, particularly like small things( which do still matter) viz when transparent windows are provided it would be nice to provide provision for certain rods latches on the doors along with automatic locks , provide a detailed list of items in the flat being provided so that the customer is satisfied that everything is in place Any way. Thanks for advising us a good investment. Granite slabs are being provided without molding. It would be nice if the edges are at least softened to avoid any injuries."

Mr Sri Hari Phani Kumar.C
Flat No: G 423, Gulmohar Gardens.

"It has been a good experience so far a hassle free association look forward to you support in future."

Mr Dhananjay Kulkarni
Flat No: G 311, Gulmohar Gardens

We had a pleasant and coordinal relationship with the people associated with Modi Ventures, right from the booking stage till the time of getting the possession letter things were smooth, without any major hiccups though there was a slight delay in getting the flat, but as completed to other builder things have been great. Hoping to have a great in stay in our home. A heartfelt thanks to Mr Rambabu for all his efforts for us.\"

Mr Vicky Daniel
Flat No:G119, Gulmohar Gardens

It's a great pleasure and have another opportunity to own property through MODI VENTURES in Hyderabad. I have done my flat booking through website without identifying the said property & flat at Gulmohar Gardens, the reasons I totally trust Modi Ventures. I was in coordinations with Mr Rambabu & Pavan  customer care/Mr Gopi & Ms Rani, were I totally satisfied with their guidance and feed backs. I thanks to customer relation team. At site the team is too cooperative in all matters. I wish entire team a whole hearted thanks and good wishes. I would like to take more opportunities in future projects of MODI VENTURES. As grace time expect completion of flat by 30th of Nov 2012, as per contract terms and with satisfaction of quality of work.\"

Mr Mohammed Abdul Aleem
Flat No: G 420, Gulmohar Gardens.

My experience so far has been good while dealing with Mr Rambabu. He has been very transparent in the dealings. I am satisfied with the dealing process. Since, my flat is currently under finishing stage, I hope that it will be delivered as promised by 30th of September. Dealing with the site engineer MrRamesh has been pleasant, he listen to all issues and takes due care. However, I would expect the same from Mr Sirish. I hope that the flat be delivered to me as per the specifications and in good quality. I would like to continue my relationship with Modi Properties in the future projects.\"

Mr Ameet Srivastaava
Flat No: G 513, Gulmohar Gardens

A very professional approach followed by the sales & customer relation team. The customer relation team has been very helpful across last five months of interaction with them would look forward to invest in the upcoming projects.\"

Mr Druba Jyothi Goswami
Flat No: G110, Gulmohar Gardens.

Modi Service is good in all departments.\"

VSN Murthy Devarakonda
Flat No: G 515, Gulmohar Gardens

It is a great privilege for me to honor Mr Modi for starting up this project which is very well planned and especially available for reasonable rates. The management who provide lot of support and show lot of confidence in the customers. Next, the project manager (engineer) who patiently listens and implement the suggestions given by us for any kind of alteration in the flat. I am proud to say that I have purchased two flats from Modi Ventures and also promise that I will campaign for any more projects as such in Mallapur. This was possible only with entire team work.\"

Mamilla Venu Gopal
Flat No: G 507, Gulmohar Gardens.

We purchased flat No G 410 at Gulmohar Gardens, Mallapur. The Plan of Apartment is unique and good, having good ventilation particularly sit out area is very good. Amenities provided by the builder are very good & useful for the residents in all aspects.\"

P.B.Tirumala Srinivas
Flat No: G 410, Gulmohar Gardens

It has been an extremely co-operative and the best support and guidance we have received from Mr Ram Babu and Mr Jagdishwar Reddy, who were instrumental in giving all possible help right from the day of showing the plans to construction and more importantly on payment schedules. Mr Ram Babu, I find is one of the best customer relation manager. I have met in my life who, not only chided when we had to pay but, also understood our problems and tried his best to sort out with the bankers as well as with Modi management I am thankful for an excellent service given during the transaction and quality of the . construction meets the standard of Modi.\"

Mr Millind challawar
Flat No: G113, Gulmohar Gardens.

First of all I want to thank Modi Ventures and associated family of Modi Ventures for giving me a chance to have my own flat. It is my privilege to mention that I am extremely happy with you and want to give special thanks to Mr Ram Babu for giving me all the assistance and support to complete the procedural agreements of the projects. I hope, in future also will get your kind co-operation and help. With warm regards\"

Mr Prashant Kumar Das
Flat No: G 404, Gulmohar Garden.


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