CRM & Sales team are very co-operative, construction quality to be improved.

Housing Project: ****
Amenities: ****
Quality of construction: ***
On time completion: *****
Sales team: *****
Customer relations teams: *****
Engineering team: *****
Maintenance: ****
Arul. R,
,Mayflower Platinum, Flat No: C-803.
I am happy to purchase the property.
V.Srinivasulu, Flat No: C-703,
Mayflower Platinum
1.Construction: Excellent Construction and well planned.
2.Amenities: All committed amenities provided, Gym, club house are clean.
3.Very well behaved sales team, construction team and other team.
4.Specically approach of construction team is commendable.
Mr. Tarun Kanthi Pradhau

, Mayflowerplatinum,
Flat No: C-503.
I am the owner of Mayflower Platinum flat No: C-101. The staff members and other workers related to the apartment is co-operative and are attending the works to my satisfaction.
Mr.Mayur Bharadwaj

Mayflower Platinum, Flat No:C-101
The Quality of construction is good and other amenities provided by the builder is good.
Madhusudhan Racharala

Flat No: A-807
Site Location is extremely good and easy access, wide roads infront.
Execution of work is very quality construction and site team very co-operative, they are good respond and any time available.
Office team also very friendly members like Mr.Rambabu Sir and Mr.Pavan both are very co-operative and good helping nature.
Fully Satisfied with this flat.
Moka Subba Rao

Flat No: C-804.
Being the status symbol, the Modi Properties is a really professional in its field. I have experienced very good co-operation and great help from its Engineering Staff and Administration Staff, particularly from Mr.Rambabu garu, Pavan, Vineela, Mahender and Prabhakar Reddy.
I am very much satisfied with the professional services provided by Modi Properties.
T.Vijay Kumar & T.Raja Balasubramanyam

Flat No: A-906.
Thank you for the support Modi Properties for last 12 years now.
Some feedback on the the construction quality which can be improved but overall happy with amenities and support received from the CRM team and site engineers.
Khalid Nasrulla

Flat No: C-1002.
Modi Properties is team of professionals. They are practical in their approach. Project was completed timely inspite of pandemic. Madam Vineela, Rambabu Sir, were highly professional in getting project completed timely inspite of my stay outside Hyderabad.
Arun Agarwal

Flat No: C-603.
 As per the conversations and meetings done till date with Modi officials and staff, I am fully satisfied with everyone's gesture, behavior & willingness to help the customer. Sales, Construction and CRM teams are doing good as per their capacity. 
 On quality of construction and amenities provided in platinum project , I would like to reserve my comments until I relocate to my flat and spend six months there, at least.

  I wish Modi Properties "All the Best" for your future and upcoming projects.
Debarata Saha

Flat No:A-905
Right from my first interaction with the sales team, I was impressed with the professionalism shown. Whether in the details of the project or the transparency in pricing, everything was managed exceptionally well.

 Infact all the info was periodically updated on the website, which I have never seen with the other builders or projects. The project was also completed and handed over on time inspite of COVID, which is commendable considering many other projects were impacted.
Overall I am a happy customer and I hope the same satisfaction continues during the period of my ownership.
I would like to thank Mr.Rambabu, Mr. Pavan, Mrs.Vineela & Mrs. Naveena for being patient and addressing my concerns and being thorough professionals
Abhijit Chaudhari

Flat No: C-705
Quality has to maintain properly it is very important to have a perfect plan before constructing. Engineering Division is very good service. Mr. Narender is very nice person taking care of everything .Parking is good. The view of the apartment is good. Overall everything is good. But still don't know about the amenities because it's still not opened
Jayanthi Kanaparthi

Flat No:B-904
Overall process of possession was smooth.
Excellent support right from the beginning. Special thanks to Naveena garu, Rambabu garu & Pavan garu for the excellent support which resulted in very few visits to office.
Thanks again & All the very best for your future projects

Sircilla Chandra Shekar
Flat No: B-305.
We are satisfied with the quality of construction and specifically the plan of the apartment. There is sufficient space between two flats and in every flat, there is enough sunlight and ventilation.
We are also happy with the engineers and their duty response. Also we are happy with the response of Rambabu sir, Pavan & Narender sir for making the transition and registration of our flat go smooth.
Neeraja Kandala

Flat No:C-501,Mayflower Platinum.
We sincerely thank Modi Properties Management ( Rambabu garu, Vineela garu, Pavan garu & sales staff) for constantly supporting and helping us out on all issues. The Integrity and commitment of the organization is unparalled.

We are very happy with the experience.
Mudigonda Bharadwaja

Flat No: B-703
We had a very good experience at the Modi Office. All the staff were polite and friendly.
Regarding construction: Few things needs to be improved such as Qualities of tiles, sink, doors etc.,
Communication issues with engineers, had to inform /remind multiple times for the damages.
Bhavesh Kshirsagar

Flat No: A-901,Mayflower Platinium,Mallapur.
We had a very good experience at the Modi Office.All the staff were politeand friendly.
Regarding construction: Few things needs to be improved such as Qualities of tiles,sink,doors etc.,
Communication issues with engineers, had to inform /remind multiple times for the damages
P.Suryanarayan Rao
Flat No: A 304, Mayflower Platinium.


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