Type Land area in sq. yds Built-up area in sft Sale consideration in Rs. Lakhs Amenity charges in Rs. Lakhs Water & electricity & generator backup charges in Rs. Lakhs Total sale consideration In Rs. Lakhs
B1 & B2 2BHK 125 915 56.00 3.50 0.50 60.00
Scheduled date of completion (from date of signing agreement)
Date 3 months
Payment Terms
Booking Amount Rs. 25,000/-
I Installments Rs. 2,00,000/- within 15 days of booking.
II Installments 35% of sale consideration within 60 days of booking.
III Installment* - 50% of balance amount  7 days of completing flooring, bathroom tiles, doors, windows & first coat of paint.
IV installment* - 50% of balance amount On release of mortgage/receipt of occupancy certificate
V installment  RS. 2,00,000 - On completion
Terms & Conditions:
  1. Offer valid upto 31st October, 2020.
  2. Corpus Fund of Rs. 30,000/- payable extra.
  3. GST, registration & stamp duty charges extra.
  4. * Installments III to IV shall be for the balance sale consideration after deducting booking amount and other installments.In case these works are already completed, then the installment shall fall due within 45 days from date of booking.
  5. Additional charge for extra land Rs. 20,000 per sq yard. 

                                                                                        (PPT 162)

For Further Details or site visit contact :

Mr. Raj Kumar, Sr. Sales Manager
+ 91 70327 26321
Mr. Anand Kishore, Sales Executive
+ 91 97005 54544