• Q1. Explain the idea behind Serene Farms?

    The elite class in Hyderabad has been exposed to the culture of owning farmhouses. Overnight stays and parties at farmhouses have always been a part of a Hyderabadis lifestyle. However, the owners of such farmhouses find it extremely difficult to maintain their farmhouses. The cost of maintenance is in tens of thousands of rupees per month. Common problems associated with such farms are poor quality construction, inadequate security, frequent breakdown in water supply, lack of power back-up, poorly maintained plantation, etc.

    Serene Farms is being developed to overcome these problems. Farmowners of the farm should be able to enjoy a day off or overnight stay at their own farm along with their guests at any time without the hassles of maintaining the farmhouse and plantation. Besides, the clubhouse and guestrooms will help farm owners entertain their guests at any time.

  • Q2. What is the proposed development on the farm?
    Each farmhouse of 1/2 acre has been divided into 2 parts. About 15% of land shall be used for construction of farmhouse, lawn, parking, vegetable garden and fruit trees. The rest (85%) shall be used for plantation activity. Modi Properties proposes to plant about 80 sandal wood trees, 400 subabul trees and 300 karonda plants in each farm (subject to change).
  • Q3. Who will develop and maintain the plantation?
    Modi Properties will develop the plantation at its cost. It will also maintain it for a period of 12 years. To recoup the cost, they will keep the produce from the plantation and sell it in the market at commercial rates.
  • Q4. Can the farmowner develop and maintain the plantation in their farm?

    No. In interest of uniform development and to maintain the look and feel of a farm the plantation shall be developed and maintained by Modi Properties. Besides, agriculture /plantation activity is not commercially viable, especially on a small scale. It may cost about Rs. 1 lakh to develop a 1/2 acre plantation, that too with economies of scale. For example a good agricultural consultant costs about Rs. 25,000/- per month. Without such a consultant most trees/plants will wither away or not give a proper yield. Similarly, the cost of providing a borewell, sump, pumps, electric connection, drip irrigation, etc., would cost about Rs. 2.50 to Rs. 3 lakhs per farm. However, on a larger scale this cost would reduce to about Rs. 1 lakh per farm.

    The maintenance cost of a 1/2 acre plantation is about Rs. 10,000/- per month. Farmowner will incur a cost of about Rs. 10 to Rs. 15 lakhs over a period of 12 years for development and maintenance of the farm after deducting value of produce. However, when the plantation is maintained by the Modi Properties economies of scale will help them to be just short of break even.

  • Q5. Why is Modi Properties handing over the fully developed plantation only after 12 years?
    It is estimated that Modi Properties will incur a huge loss in development and maintenance of the plantation for the first 6 years. Therefore, the produce from the plantation including fruits and trees will be used by Modi Properties for a period of about 12 years ending on 31.03.2030, so that Modi Properties can recoup the losses over the next 6 years.
  • Q6. How can I enjoy the produce from my farm?
    Serene Farms is providing 8 fruit trees and 6 vegetables in your kitchen garden. The fruit trees and the kitchen garden will be maintained by Modi Properties. Enjoy the produce year around, during your visit to your farm. In your absence the produce will be packed and you can get it collected any time.
  • Q7. How would you prevent my farm from looking barren after the trees are felled ?
    50% to 75% of the sandalwood trees shall be felled from the 9th to 12th years. New plants will be immediately planted. About 25% of fully grown sandalwood trees shall be handed over to farmowners. Subabul will be planted over 3 to 4 years.1/4 of the trees will be felled every year after the first 3 or 4 years. This will ensure that not more than 25% of the trees will be felled each year and the farm will remain green at all times.
  • Q8. Can the farmowner keep the entire produce from their farmhouse?

    Yes. But for the sake of uniformity and the larger interest of all farmowners, Serene Farms will continue to maintain the plantation. The farm owner will be given an option to keep the entire produce from their farm. However, the farmowner will have to pay additional maintenance cost @ Rs. 2,500/- per month (subject to annual increase) to Serene Farms for maintenance of the 1/2 acre plantation. Alternately a onetime charge of Rs. 1 lakh can be paid at the time of possession towards advance maintenance charges upto 31.12.2030.

  • Q9. Who can become a member of the clubhouse?

    It is not viable for Modi Properties to maintain a clubhouse for only 50 members. Modi Properties intends to develop several phases of farmhouses in the vicinity of Serene Farms and buyers in other phases will be given an opportunity to become members of Serene Club. It is very likely that additional clubs will be made in the other phases and members in one club will be able to utilize facilities in other affiliated clubs developed by Modi Properties. Modi Properties intends to develop atleast 100 acres in that area to spread the cost of administration over several projects.

  • Q10. Is there adequate water for the proposed plantation?

    Several streams of water are flowing into Serene Farms from higher ground. 3 ponds are being developed to collect and store the water. They will recharge the ground water. There is adequate water in the borewells for the plantation activity. A well designed drip irrigation is being installed to minimise the water requirement.

  • Q11. What is provision for drinking water?

    Farmowners can choose to install an RO plant in their villa or cottage. Alternately, bottled water (20 ltr cans) will be sold in the clubhouse at nominal cost.

  • Q12. Can the farmowner change the trees in the plantation?

    Yes. The farmowner can opt to plant an orchid with trees like mango, guava, etc., in place of subabul. About 50 trees will be provided by Serene Farms in place of the subabul plantation free of cost. However, in such a case the entire produce from the farm will belong to the farmowner and they may harvest it at their cost. Additional maintenance charges as given above shall be payable by the farmowner to Serene Farms.

  • Q13. What are the monthly maintenance charges for a one acre farm?

    The maintenance charges will be Rs. 5,000/- per month in place of Rs. 3,500/- per month.


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